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Welcome To Steve, Sarah, Evan and Terra's Home

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Sarah, Steve, Evan and Terra

Steve's our 2nd son (from Phil's first marriage). 'Major Stephen Ashpes' is pictured with his wife Sarah and daughter Evan... and of course, Terra.

Steve is an Army Ranger now stationed in Vicenza Italy, home of the 173rd Airborne Brigade where Steve is the Brigade Intelligence Officer.


Steve, Sarah and Evan have settled into their quarters and love the life in Europe. Steve will be on a year long deployment to Afghanistan starting in the spring, and Sarah and Evan will stay in Europe until Steve returns, except for a stateside visit sometime this summer.


Evan is growing up very quickly, and by the time they all get back to the states she will be able to speak both English and Italian as will Steve and Sarah. They have been taking advantage of the many new sights and scenes, having made trips to Germany and several parts of Italy. 

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Trip To Germany_Oct 2004

Steve's Brigade

Evan and Paige_Aug 2005

Toddler Pedicure

2004 Album

Holidays 2004

Evan_May 2005

Trip To Istanbul_July 2005

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Sep 2005